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Looking to take a Disney trip in 2019 but don’t know if you’ll be able to afford it? Here are 5 ways of my best tips to saving money at Disney World.

Happy New Year to all of my wonderful clients and readers! I hope you had an amazing holiday and are ready to start traveling through the new year. Do you have any new years resolutions to spend quality time with your family this year? If you do, then you should definitely take a Disney vacation in 2019!

I always love when I end up saving money at Disney World because the more you save, the more you vacations you can take! Believe it or not, Disney really makes it easy to save as much money as you can on your trips to any Disney destination while still getting incredible value.

Here are some of my family’s best tips for saving money on a Disney vacation!

1. Take Advantage of Special Offers

Disney comes out with lots of special offers during the year. They are always such great deals and most of the time can save you lots of money on your vacation. Sometimes they will offer a free dining plan with a travel package, a percentage off rooms, 50% off your deposit at time of booking, or even a big discount off of a travel package. If you’re looking to save money, consider planning your trip around these special deals. I always share the latest specials that Disney has going on as soon as they come out over on my email list, Facebook and Instagram pages so you can be in the know!

UPDATED 9/4/19 – Most of these offers have expired. But there are almost ALWAYS offers available for you to take advantage of no matter what year it is! If you’d like to know about the updated offers, email

Some of the special offers going on right now (as of January 1st, 2019 – these offers end soon!) are:

Walt Disney World:

FREE Dining Plan for travel July 5th – September 30th 2019

Save up to 30% off rooms for travel April 28th – September 30th, 2019

Save up to 25% on select rooms when you book early

Save up to $500 on a 5 night-6 day travel package (room + tickets + dining)

Disney Cruise Line:

50% off deposit at time of booking (remaining deposit and balance would be due 75 days before departure)

Save up to 25% on select tropical cruises


Ticket price for as little as $70 a day when a 3-day (1 park per day) ticket is purchased

Save up to 25% on select rooms

Disney Aulani

Save up to 30% on 5 night stays

Book early and get $150 resort credit

Adventures by Disney

Save up to $300 per person on select winter and spring trips

2. Book in Advance

When you book a Walt Disney World vacation in advance, you only have to pay a $200 deposit at the time of booking and the rest of the balance is due 45 days before your trip! This gives you time to save up as much money as possible without stressing out about having it all up front. Also, when you book in advance, you’ll get to pick from a wide variety of room options because there will be more choices available. If you wait too late, all of the rooms get booked up and you have less to choose from!

It’s the same with all of the other Disney destinations. Disney requires a deposit to place your reservation, and the rest is due on a certain day before your trip.

3. Make a Savings Plan

Have a plan to save up as much money as possible. If your trip is a year away, save up $20 a week and when your trip comes, you’ll have saved up $1,040! Make it fun for the kiddos. Ask them to go on a treasure hunt throughout the house to find coins and dollars in the couches, under the bed, etc. See how much they can save up on their own and they will be so proud to say that they contributed to their awesome family vacation!

4. Book a Travel Package

If you’re taking a trip to Disney World or Disneyland, be sure to book a travel package with your room, tickets, and dining plan all in one. This saves you so much money when you do this instead of doing the room, tickets, and dining individually! When you bundle it all together, you can take advantage of many of the specials Disney has to offer that you can’t take advantage of when you book room only reservations. Plus, if you choose to do the Disney Dining plan, you pay in advance for all of your meals which saves you lots of money!

5. Book Your Vacation with Me

Lots of people don’t realize the value that a travel agent brings to a Disney vacation! ALL of my services are completely FREE, and I can actually save you lots of money just by being your travel agent! I offer a special “price watch” service. This means that if there are no deals going on when you book your vacation, I will keep an eye out for one that is available and applicable to your reservation. Then I’ll adjust your package to that special to save you the most money! Cool, right? It’s tough to keep up with all of Disney’s special offers, so why not have someone do it for you for free?

Also, as an Ears of Experience agent, I am an expert in all things Disney and have taken many Disney vacations myself so I know my way around the parks/ships. When you book with me, I will make a personalized and detailed itinerary for your entire trip and give you my best tips/tricks for navigating it all. I’m also available when you are on your vacation to help you with anything you may need! Click here to get a free, no obligation quote!

What are your best tips when it comes to saving money at Disney World and other Disney destinations?

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